Student Nurses Support Lake Region UAS Team

Lake Region State College’s Student Nurse Association – Associate Degree Nurse cohort recently donated $2,500 to the Lake Region UAS Team. 

The funds will  assist in the purchase of a new drone that Lake Region UAS will use indoors. The drone, called Skydio 2+ runs around $5,000. 

“We have been hard at work raising funds for our SNO group. Our donation gives this great organization half the amount they will need to purchase this drone,” said Rachel Trzpuc, president of the ADN class here on campus. 

The Student Nurse Organization supports various needs in the region and enjoys the experience of giving back. 

“It was such a great experience to work with and learn about what the UAS team does for the Lake Region and surrounding areas. Being able to support this team will open doors for many forms of surveillance, searching and safety,” Plemel said.

In the photo: Rachel Trzpuc – 体育外围网 SNO Class President, Dustin Dimmler, Christian Dallas & Chris Jaeger with Lake Region UAS Team,  Keely Plemel – 体育外围网 SNO Vice President & Secretary